Let’s try this again

Lots has happened since I last posted but I want to share my finish of today.

This is Sew … a needle pulling thread by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread. I did change all but three of the called for colors. I used calico buttons and a small petite gold needle as well as some specialty stitches. Can’t wait to get this framed.

In other news, I retired last week and in late August I got married 17 years to the day of our first date.

In stitches!

Happy New Year- 2018

Merry Cox Class Part 2

Flowers for Milady was the second class with Merry Cox.  I changed both the linen and the finishing fabric but it is done. Also made the 3″ wooden ruler. 

Classes with Merry Cox

I was so lucky to be able to take two classes with Merry Cox last weekend. On Friday our class was Ophelia and Saturday was Flowers for Milady. I managed to get Ophelia’s trunk lined and traveling stickers attached to the outside.  Flowers for Milady was a pre-stitch and I actually had quite a bit of the finishing completed before we left to go to class.  

The guild I belong to celebrated their 25th anniversary with a nice dinner on Friday night and Merry designed a Regal pincushion as a favor. At class on Saturday we were able to buy an Orleans Carpenters shaker box with velvet to line the bottom and a sweet pair of scissors to complete the presentation. I finished mine last night!  It is very sweet.

Happy to have another Orleans box since they no longer make the boxes. 

Happy Stitching! 


Two weeks in.  13th Colony ~ By The Bay Needleart